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Now Reach Wasp and Hornet Nests, Spray Paint surfaces, and More...

Spray Close Spray Extender with a can of Wasp and Hornet Spray.  For more information go to www.SprayCloseSprayExtender.com.

Please see insturction video:  Instruction Video

See Demo Video

What NOT to do! [see video]

Using the patent pending spraying mechanism that holds just about any size spray can, the Spray Close Spray Extender gets you close to any object you need to spray using a standard extension pole.


  • Spray Wasp and Hornet Nests Too Far to Reach with Wasp Spray
  • Spray in-ground or other horizontal nests from a safe distance accurately
  • Paint Distant Objects, Flag Pole, Shutters, Gutters...etc.
  • Apply Aerosol Window Cleaner
  • Decorate Windows with Faux Snow
  • Fits Most Aerosol Cans Sizes & Trigger Tops


  • Stay Off Ladder
  • Avoid Stings
  • Keep Spray Away from Pets, Plants, and Yourself


  • Convenient to Use - Just attach to your Extension Pole or Broom Handle
  • Reduce the Amount of Spray Used and Hit Target Accurately
  • Ability to Aim and Target Spray Exactly at Entrance of Nest

Spray Close Spray Extender with a Can of Spray Paint